Oh, To Be Anyone

by Art School Girls

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released October 25, 2015

Jack Riley: vocals, guitar, rhodes
Aidan O'Connell: bass
Dan Liparini: guitar
Elliot Wallace: percussion
Taylor McCoy: vocals
Teresa Hayward: vocals

All tracks recorded at The Hartt School of Music
All tracks recorded and mastered by Matt Baltrucki
Album artwork by Kevin Cifone


all rights reserved



Art School Girls Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford based indie rock

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Track Name: Low Like Me
Everybody's just as low as me
It warms my heart to see
I'm not alone in wishing I was someone else
I've seen people shoving friends aside
Stepping on their heads reaching for peace of mind
As I scrap them all for parts
Slowly fixing all my faults
I wonder who's gonna call me out next
And send me back to one

Everybody's keeping score like me,
And I can't help but see
The tipping scale that lurks in every kind hello
I've been talking down just like the rest
I can still be better if I can't be best.
With a narcissistic paranoia always on the clock, please just 
Don't wag a finger at me,
I'm just like everyone

In our heads buried deep,
People we've all yet to meet,
While we're walking on our sleep.
Don't you know they're digging upwards?
Hands sticking out of the dirt.
So come one, nice guy, take a swing
I need to meet you, know your sting
For once, you'll be out in the open,
Unlike anyone

Somebody told you you were grand
But you lost your purpose once again.
Where is your conscience now?

Everybody's just as low as me
It warms the heart to see I'm not alone
In wishing I was someone else
We've known ourselves for far too long,
Now we carry around the times that we've been wrong. 
And in every young and nervous mind,
There's this recurring bottom line:
It's oh, such a burden to live,
And to be anyone.
Track Name: Northeast Chokehold
I roam the forest when she's warm,
And hide beneath her tree line.
I know her trails, she guides me home.
But, when I dream of crystal shores,
She clouds up her skyline,
Lays down a blanket, blocks the roads,
Because she knows

She can't let me get that far
The world so large, forever lost on me,
When she lays me down.

So I write this snowed in, once again
In a Northeast chokehold.
She pins me down for days on end.
And when she's done with being cold,
In her rolls the thunder.
I run for somewhere to keep dry.
Though I try,

She won't let me get that far
The world so large, forever lost on me,
When she lays me down

Far from the beaches where nobody knows my name.
Still, they're calling.

I will never get that far
The world so large, forever lost on me.
Now I lay me down
Track Name: Stag
Tonight the music drowns the voices of our kind
Push through the crowd to me, we'll watch the fools unwind
And in our silence we can see the fear and pride
The rage and the heartache fall together before our eyes 
And as the faces fade between the flashing lights
The music floods the room with tales of sleepless nights

Well I'm not afraid of the great imitation 
Although I've yet to get it right
But I'm in the need of some self medication
If I'm stepping outside tonight 
I know by know the walls are thin
So I get uptight when I walk through the door 
And the cloud starts closing me in

If you see me, I won't be there long
I slip in, I slip out, I'm gone

Now I stumble round as the loneliness grows
Peeking out from the holes in my shroud
In the light of the things that no one else knows,
I am frozen, a stag in the crowd.
I know better than to trust my sight
But a glare in the eye of a face walking by
Will follow me through the night.

If you see me, I won't be there long
I slip in, I slip out, I'm gone.

And as I walk away, still, the current flows on
Every moment a book on the shelf
And I rush to the corner, where, suddenly
I look past myself

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