by Art School Girls

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released June 3, 2016

Recorded by Danny Rincon and Tommy Carr at Blind Moose
Mixed/Mastered by Cameron Boucher
Cover art by Marissa Marchello
All songs written and recorded by Art School Girls


all rights reserved



Art School Girls Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford based indie rock

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Track Name: Intro (Leopold's Son)
I’ve been off and on with myself for days on end
What a joke, I can’t get this self love locked down
I’ve been
Talking on and on with myself to keep in check (Hello, Leopold’s Son)
Every inkling that I deserve more (Who are you, what have you done?)
So, I can kill sparrows like nobody else
(Lazy metaphor, so typical)
Just watch as I infect you all with a slip of the tongue,
In an instant the room has gone sour.
Track Name: Cursed Ground
Having lost my taste for joy,
I get off when children fall.
I’m a hole in latex,
I am a stained dress at the ball.
I want to take you home,
Unload my grievance across your chest.
But, stormy eyed and sweaty,
I’ll just take my laptop to my bed.

Cursed is the ground because of me
Come, darling, take a walk with me

Have you scanned your house for bleach?
I’m just asking for a friend.
He’s not one for making moves,
A submissive malcontent.
Extra terrestrial,
He didn’t watch the same cartoons as you.
Stricken with a cynic’s heart,
Soaking in a lonesome brew


Empathy is in a brighter room, as I stare through the glass.

Child of frustration (Keep it at home, now)
Spit out another inch of your tongue (Taste the blood)
Mother says she fucked you up, it’s too late.
Track Name: Wedding Cake Girl
I like to watch as you fall asleep
Your drowsy eyes are mine to keep
The night is long, and no rest is coming,
So I like to watch as you fall asleep

But I can’t see past my own eyes
When I rub against your thigh, you’re not there.
You are caught in my stare.
And it pleases my sick mind,
When you miss me every time I’m not there.
Don’t move a hair, wedding cake girl.

So, pick a dress and come out with me (you look so good in yellow)
I like you best where the world can see (Shine on me)
But close the door, I’ll surely go running (To my window again)
And you can talk while I think of me

Track Name: Lorraine
Come on baby, now
We can stay in if we please
Live with a cartoon dog in a fort in the back room
Spend the weekends on the couch
And as old friends gather round,
They’ll say
He exists only in photographs with a girl now.

We can take turns making coffee while I lie in bed
(Oh Persephone, winter has come)
We have trapped each other
(such a homely hearse)
Say you love me with a frown
Tell me how I let everyone down
With my head on your lap we’ll be silent till someone’s around

So I have gone, intimate friend
To my window again
Is it sustain, is it release?
I miss you without me

Our obligations pile up beneath the clothes in our bedroom.
I can hear them call, can you hear them call? (Come out)
If we wake up and we find all our roads have been washed away,
We will have each other.

The heat is on too high,
But you haven’t got off yet.
My jaw is sore,
And you’ve still yet to move

A pet store under investigation
Who knows what hides behind these walls?

(Your lover’s eyes are compromised, you gave them billing clubs
And now the doors have all been closed,
Your lover’s shine, it comes and goes)
Track Name: Hull Porch
Hot outside, and I haven’t slept.
Staying up, trying to be the best
But I’m not,
Not for a while.

So I smile, and I work
All the day, to remedy
All the fear, shame doubt,
Oh John, you are my only hope.

Mother’s vitamins meant for my head (There in your head)
Rather them, so I don’t feel dead (boy, there is)
Four a day, (such a lonesome brew)
But I won’t say
Why, oh why (Taking hold of you)

So I smile, and I work (You can smile all you want)
All the day, to remedy (Still at night, they will haunt)
All the drab shy, loveless years
This city has left me with

Listen all day, don’t say a word
When you get home, that’s when you should

(Paura, oggio, vergona, dubbio)

Vitamins clear my head of all of the hate
For the day, I can breathe (You can smile all you want)
Force the tranquility (Still at night, they will haunt)
But, the truth is revived (paura, oggio)
As the chemicals die. (Vergona, dubbio)
Track Name: Forward, Into Gloom
You’ve been poking round your head again
With those extensions of yourself
See all the people take steps
Around you

The next rotation is before your eyes
You won’t let it pass
Without you.

Slave unto a thousand voices, as you stare through the glass
Just a fool, waiting for the moon to make your kill
When it comes up, I know you will.

Come out and greet them
Though dark have been your dreams of late,
The world in shapes you don’t know
Surrounds you.

A great vocation from the ledger lines
It won’t make a sound
Without you

When you get there,
You might find your heart
Under blisters,
In the puss

No one likes a song of hope,
Who am I to say you’ll be fine?
Your direction is forward,
Into gloom.

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